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CPUHeroes will identify and remove from your desktop or laptop computer all malicious viruses and/or malware within a 24 hour period after the order is placed (excluding weekends and holidays) or we will refund your money! While we can't protect your PC from being reinfected after we clean it due to user behavior, we will leave your system virus and malware free. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

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Things to Remember in Computer Virus Removal

Reminders and Tips in PC Virus Cleaning

Knowing and understanding the process of computer virus removal is important for someone who needs to regularly work with a computer. Virus or malware attacks are easily one of the top problems encountered by computer users, especially those that connect to the Internet frequently. Learning the ways to remove computer virus infections is not only practical, it also allows computer users to avoid paying for the hefty costs of professional computer repair services.

A virus infected computer shows a number of signs and symptoms. Typically, a virus presence manifests through a computer’s deteriorating performance, frequent freezing or crashing, malfunctioning of programs, impaired ability to perform regular functions like the creation of folders and the viewing of thumbnails, sudden inability to access disks or disk drives, unusual error messages, corrupted files, files and shortcuts that suddenly appear, data loss, and suspicious network traffic. It is important to quickly address the presence of the above-mentioned virus infection signs to avoid more critical problems.

The signs and symptoms of computer virus infection can be similar to other computer issues so it’s important to make sure if the problem is really virus-related before undertaking solutions intended for solving computer virus problems. For example, a computer that shuts down after a few seconds or minutes from starting up may not really be infected by a computer virus. The problem could be caused by a malfunctioning CPU fan or a damaged start button. Similarly, a computer that lags may just need a RAM upgrade or it is not really capable of running multiple memory-intensive programs simultaneously. Doing a computer virus removal procedure does not harm a computer but it’s certainly a waste of time doing so sans the existence of a real virus threat.

Computers—especially Windows computers—should have antivirus protection. It is not enough to simply install an antivirus; it is also necessary to regularly update its threat detection database. Every once in a while, a wily virus may successfully infect a computer but an antivirus should be able to detect it, though it may not be able to immediately cause its removal.

Some suggest that the “System Restore” function of the Windows operating system can make for a convenient way to remove a PC virus. In rare cases, it is possible for this function to solve a virus problem. It may temporarily or symptomatically address the presence of a virus. However, in most cases, it is an ineffective virus removal option. Viruses are capable of replicating themselves and they, too, can produce copies of themselves in system restore points.

At present, it’s almost totally unnecessary for “home” or “individual” users to spend a dough to obtain an effective antivirus software. The top antivirus freeware available can provide the needed protection. In most cases, only enterprise users may find the need to pay for pro versions of popular antivirus software. Almost all free virus detection and removal software provide free and regular updates. They may even include additional features such as firewall and identity theft protection.

However, there are cases when viruses are too persistent or difficult to remove. PC virus problems like these may be remedied using special tools and procedures. These tools and procedures can usually be availed of online. Likewise, there are online technicians who can help resolve such issues and even guide newbie computer users on how to properly protect their computers. As such, encountering a particularly difficult to remove virus doesn’t mean having to reformat a hard disk.

Addressing a virus infection can be done without professional help but utmost care should be observed. Doing DIY virus cleaning is not for everyone. The PC virus cleaning services offered by computer repair technicians or shops continue to exist because there are still those who need them. While it is possible to find a solution to a computer virus problem by doing a “how to clean my computer from viruses” search on Google, there is no guarantee that the information or tools freely available online would work. Also, not everything on the web is reliable so for those who want to be sure, turning to an expert for help makes better sense.

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Purposes for Viruses

A computer virus is created, just like all the other malicious code types, by computer programmers for many different purposes. They employ these attacks as harassment of computer users, to prove their abilities to others or themselves, and in many cases to either cause damage to the owners of the computer or to steal information. There are several reasons for stealing information. Some types of malicious code monitor user behavior and use it for statistical or other targeting purposes in commercial dealings. More often than not, viruses are designed to steal files and/or transaction information for the purposes of direct financial gain. Finally, viruses are used to steal trade secrets, government secrets, and defense industry secrets.

Virus Removal

CPUHeroes are highly trained and proficient IT Experts that use their intelligence coupled with a well refined virus removal process to make sure that our customers are completely satisfied with the service. We remove most viruses that infect home and residential PCs, including Desktops and Laptops.

Our multi-step process takes from 2 to 4 hours to complete and verifies that all malicious viruses have been removed as attested to our system scans and reports. We do reserve a 24 hour window to complete the task.