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Data Security - Is Your Data Safe?

Purposes for Viruses

A computer virus is created, just like all the other malicious code types, by computer programmers for many different purposes. They employ these attacks as harassment of computer users, to prove their abilities to others or themselves, and in many cases to either cause damage to the owners of the computer or to steal information. There are several reasons for stealing information. Some types of malicious code monitor user behavior and use it for statistical or other targeting purposes in commercial dealings. More often than not, viruses are designed to steal files and/or transaction information for the purposes of direct financial gain. Finally, viruses are used to steal trade secrets, government secrets, and defense industry secrets.

Virus Removal

CPUHeroes are highly trained and proficient IT Experts that use their intelligence coupled with a well refined virus removal process to make sure that our customers are completely satisfied with the service. We remove most viruses that infect home and residential PCs, including Desktops and Laptops.

Our multi-step process takes from 2 to 4 hours to complete and verifies that all malicious viruses have been removed as attested to our system scans and reports. We do reserve a 24 hour window to complete the task.

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Customer Comments:

Our Guarantee:

CPUHeroes will identify and remove from your desktop or laptop computer all malicious viruses and/or malware within a 24 hour period after the order is placed (excluding weekends and holidays) or we will refund your money! While we can't protect your PC from being reinfected after we clean it due to user behavior, we will leave your system virus and malware free. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!